Transforming communities into learning landscapes


How the next generation learns, expresses themselves and become civically engaged is shifting dramatically. LRNG offers students to

  • Engage with the business community

  • Gain valuable work skills and experience

  • Co design and realize their future

Fully connected network of learning, preparing students for the future

User Friendly for Businesses and Schools

Don't Reinvent!

College and Career Ready

Industry driven competencies create building blocks of micro credentials in LRNG. Businesses determine skills needed for the future. Better prepare students for their future.


One benefit of this platform is that content is ready to go. Teachers only need to identify an activity or playlist that fits into their curriculum and assign it.


It doesn't get much easier

Businesses and Organizations can duplicate existing content and rebrand it as their own.

Businesses hold the keys to assessment because it is driven by industry rather than education.

Implementation of Interdisciplinary Content

Examples of content-related Micro Credentials



Math-21st Century skills

Technical Skills


Career Exploration (Phys Ed or 12 grade English) Incorporated into School Counselor required Career Exploration